Major triad arpeggios - I inversion fingerings

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another bass lesson.


In this one we will check the fingerings for the I inversion of major triads. As we already know, a major triad is based on the root, third and fifth note of a major scale, and to play inversions, we have to change the order of the notes being played. In the case of a I inversion, we will play, starting from the lowest, the IIImajor-V-I.


Therefore for a C major triad, the I inversion will be played as E-G-C.

The following slides will give you different available positions to play those three notes on the first octave of your fretboard. 

00:00 / 00:03
00:00 / 00:03

Rule of thumb: as I already mentioned, in the vast majority of cases, and with the due exceptions, all the other keys will have the same fingerings as C. Play other keys using the same positions to become more and more confident on the fretboard.


That was it for this time, make sure to practice daily the previous positions, and soon you will see improvement in your technique and knowledge of the instrument.

Thank you for reading and happy practice!  

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