What is the best age to start playing electric bass?

There’s no best age to start playing an instrument, everyone can benefit from learning the language of music.

Just remember that the electric bass is an instrument requiring a certain hand extension: while adults can start generally on a regular scale electric bass, kids are encouraged to start on a short scale, and move later to the regular one.

What material do you provide to students?

Every lesson comes with a series of exercises that I personally wrote. Depending on your specific needs and areas of improvement, I can write more specific exercises and send MP3’s for you to practice on.

What if I want just to look further into a music style or a particular subject?

Even if my course has been designed to move from a complete beginner to pro level, you can specifically request a particular subject to work on together. Don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what is your next music goal.

What bass playing styles do you teach?

My teaching method, like my playing, is based almost entirely on the fingerstyle technique. 

Do you teach how to read and write music?

Sure I do, and I strongly encourage every student to practice both writing and sight-reading, just like we all do with the written word.

How does it run a typical lesson?

Every lesson is divided in two parts: in the first part we will check your exercises from the previous lesson, while in the second one we will move forward to the next subject. Consider that this is a general rule and we might devote more time to one or the other part, depending on your specific needs.   

What is the length of a lesson?

I offer 60 minutes lessons, and you can choose between single lessons or 4 weekly lessons (check my homepage for more info).

What is your policy if I need to skip a lesson?

If you need to skip a lesson for any reason, I ask you to give me a 48 hours’ notice or more, and we will schedule our next lesson according to our availability at no charge. In every other case, there will be a charge according to the Terms and Conditions.

If I need to skip a lesson for any reason I will refund you with a 30 minutes free extra lesson.

Terms and Conditions here: 

For any other question, don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail at: giovanni.giuliani1@gmail.com

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