Blues on dominant 7th, first four frets.

Hi everyone, and welcome to this fourth lesson on how to play the blues on the electric bass. 


After focusing on major triads in the first three lessons, today we will start a new chapter by adding the minor seventh to our major triad: in other words, we will play dominant 7th arpeggios, a quadriad part of the Mixolydian scale, the V mode of the major scale. The following bass-lines, based on the basic blues chord progression, will be played in all 12 keys, using only the first four frets.

Basic blues chord progression:

Since you might run into new uncommon fingerings throughout the exercises, I recommend to study each bass-line out of tempo, and only when comfortable with the fingerings you can start playing the bass-lines between 60 and 80 bpm, keeping your left hand between on the first four frets at all times. If you want to see how to play the exercises in all keys, check the YouTube video here:

Following here the bass-lines, starting from the key of C and moving chromatically. 

Thank you for reading, happy practice and see you in the next one!

PDF here:

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