Blues on major triads, 4th to the 8th fret.

Hi everyone, and welcome to this second lesson on how to play the blues bass-lines. 


Today we will play the basic blues chord progression in all twelve keys, using only the major triads (in quarter notes), and focusing on the 4th to the 8th fret. Just like in the previous lesson, the exercises presented today will be based on the most commonly used 12 bar blues form, with the IV degree on the second bar, and a progression V7-IV7 on bar 9 and 10.

As already mentioned in the previous lesson, the exercises presented in this series can be of significant help to: 


  • improve the knowledge of your fretboard; 

  • learn to play blues lines in all 12 keys; 

  • improve your reading skills; 

  • learn the major triads in all twelve keys.


Since you might run into new uncommon fingerings, study each bass-line out of tempo, and only when comfortable with the fingerings, you can start playing at a comfortable tempo (between 60 and 80 bpm). To see how to play the exercises in all keys, check the YouTube video here:

Thank you for reading, happy practice and see you in the next one!

PDF here:

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