A fretboard chart complete with music staff notes

In this short lesson I want to show you a fretboard chart for a 4 string bass, relating each fret to the notes as written on the music staff. Especially for sight reading beginners, this chart will be helpful to relate the note on your fretboard to that written on the music staff.


Consider that notes higher than second octave Bb are usually written the same way as their lower octave counterpart, with the added sign 8va, notated also this way                 .   Again, remember that the following chart is for a 4 string bass. For 5 and 6 string basses: the 5 additional notes on the lower end are written in the following way, from the open B down to Eb:

Open B:                                   














As I said above, for the higher octave notes, the 8va signs are usually employed to avoid too many confusing ledger lines. And here you have a fretboard chart, complete with the related music staff notes.

Download the PDF here.

Thank you for reading and happy practice!

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