Born and raised in Southern Italy, I am a professional bass player with 15 years of live activity and teaching. I always enjoyed listening to various musical styles, from rock to pop, jazz, R&B, funk, Brazilian, Cuban, folk, classical, but at 17 I found out that playing an instrument would have been more engaging than just listening to music!


I started with the drums, to move to the bass a few months later. Two great Masters, Sergio Picucci and Massimo Moriconi, have given me over the years the tools I needed to become a musician with solid foundations and a passion for technique, theory and musical styles. My background is jazz, funk and R&B.


I had my first live experiences playing in clubs and weddings, from rock to jazz and bossa-nova standards. Moving from the south to Rome, with my second teacher I started a new learning experience made of new styles and musical concepts, and becoming more and more passionate about folk, Brazilian and Cuban music.


Also, as a history nerd, I have always been curious about the origins and evolution of music in different parts of the world, from the history of jazz and blues to the music of Cuba and Brazil.


While playing in different bands, I started teaching privately and in music schools between Rome and my southern hometown, developing my own teaching method.

In 2014 I embarked on a new journey (in every sense) as a musician and musical director on cruise ships, playing with fantastic musicians from all over the world, and visiting wonderful places (Antarctica is still my favorite!). Since 2017 I call home the San Francisco Bay Area. My mission: to spread my passion for music by helping anyone who wants to learn this amazing instrument and become a complete musician.

My two Fenders...


and some standards recorded few years ago with an Italian jazz sextet

BirdlandWeather Report
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Armando's RhumbaChick Corea
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A night in TunisiaDizzy Gillespie
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Billie's bounceCharlie Parker
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