Born and raised in southern Italy, I'm a dedicated bass player and music educator with years of live performances and teaching. I’ve always been a mindful listener of different music styles, from rock to pop to samba to classical, but as a kid my interests geared also toward tennis, cycling, Latin and koine Greek.


I was a teenager when I found out that playing an instrument would have been more fun that just listening to music!

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Since then, I became a hard-working musician, eager to learn something new every day, and play a wide array of different music styles. 

I started playing the drums (my first attempts have been on Led Zeppelin songs), only to switch few months later to the bass: such a big sound! Two great teachers gave me over the years the tools that I needed to be a good and knowledgeable musician, with strong basics and the passion for the instrument’s technique, music theory, history and live music. 


If you are asking yourself, my first attempts on the instrument were based on jazz and R&B. I still remember my first lessons: bass technique and music theory, followed by jazz standards (Autumn Leaves being the first one).

Soon I found myself performing with local bands at clubs and weddings, playing from rock classics to jazz standards and bossa-novas’. Moving from the south to Rome in 2003, my second teacher introduced me to new music styles and concepts, and I found a new passion for Italian traditional music, Brazilian, Cuban and more in general Latin Music.


Furthermore, as a history lover I’ve always been curious about the origins and evolution of music in different parts of the world; I’ve been studying the history of jazz since when I started playing (I highly recommend Gunther-Schuller history of jazz for a complete overview of jazz, from its humble origins to the be-bop era), moving later to the music of different countries of Central and South America.

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While playing in different bands at weddings, club gigs and concerts, I started teaching to my first students privately and in music schools between Rome and my southern hometown, developing my own method.


On December 2014 I started my new journey as a musician and music director on cruise ships, playing with some fantastic musicians and artists from all over the world, travelling and visiting wonderful places (Antarctica still being my favourite!).


Playing on a cruise ship is a rewarding and learning experience, definitely something that every musician should try, especially those who like to be challenged every day by playing new shows and different music styles.

Today I call the San Francisco Bay Area home, contributing to the local music scene. My mission: spreading my love for music, bringing joy and happiness to everyone that wants to approach to the electric bass and more in general music.

My two Fenders...


and some standards recorded few years ago with an Italian jazz sextet

Maiden Voyage - Herbie Hancock -
Billie's Bounce - Charlie Parker -
Birdland - Weather Report -
Armando's Rhumba - Chick Corea -

Hoping to be an inspiration for all my students and everyone else using this website as a learning tool...  

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